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Setup your Farmer's Market in our system within minutes. Build your market application form and embed in your existing website.

Simple & Powerful

Manage multiple markets, add your dates, pricing and build an extensive application form using our simple, visual interface.

Modern Interface

Drag & Drop to upload your market map. Click and drag your map markers. Visual form builder. Mobile friendly.

Quick Introduction

Watch a short intro to MarketWurks:

  • Create signup/application form
  • Specify market locations and dates
  • View/accept/decline Applicants
  • Upload market maps
  • Assign vendors to specific dates/positions
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Just like at your market, we believe in one on one customer service. Please contact Chris at 888-560-1770 or use this form to request a personal invite and introduction to MarketWurks.

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MarketWurks is perfect for large and small markets everywhere, especially those who want to streamline the process for farmers and market organisers.

Create Your Market
Build Application Form
Add to Your Website
Manage Your Vendors
Meet the Founders

My name is Chris Quinlan. I manage the Whistler Farmers Market. When I began this job, I was faced with the spectre of several four inch binders of paper applications. This was for a market that maxed out at 50 vendors in my first year. I knew that there had to be a better way. I created MarketWurks to allow me the time and organisational structure to double the size of the Whistler Farmers Market, building it into one of the most successful markets in British Columbia.

In a season, I manage over 175 applicants for approximately 120 memberships, consisting of variety of full and partial season vendors that rotate through 90 weekly market positions over 18 Sundays and a smaller but growing Wednesday afternoon market.

I have no staff, no volunteers and I could not do it without this software.

Chris Quinlan
Why MarketWurks?

"I knew we had to share this software with other markets. With the support of my Board of Directors, we have taken our single-market program and developed something to help every market manager, no matter the size. Spend less time at your desk, and more time in the market... with your customers."
-Chris Quinlan

Getting Started

After signing up, it takes a few few minutes to enter your information into the system, including your markets, dates and pricing. Then you can upload a map of your venue and drop markers where the stalls will be.

Next you can build an online vendor application form. This is done with an easy-to-use interface that lets you see what your form will look like as you're building it. Then you can copy/paste the code snippet into your website to publish your vendor applicaiton form.

Vendor Applications

As vendors use your form to apply, you will receive notifications by email. You can then login to MarketWurks and approve or delete applications.

Manage Vendors

Vendors who are approved can be assigned to specific stalls for the markets and dates they will attend. The map with vendor information can also be published to your existing website for the public to view.


Over the last 4 years, we have developed a fully self customisable program that allows you to:

  • Create the application form for your market. Get the information you want
  • Create policy and terms & conditions acknowledgement pages
  • Applicants can upload required documents or photos
  • View applications online at any time
  • Accept or decline applications with the click of your mouse
  • Export contact information for accepted and declined vendors
  • Upload your market maps and add stall positions
  • Create multiple market dates, locations and fees
  • Create vendors categories
  • Assign vendor positions for individual market dates or copy them forward to the next week
  • Allow vendors to create public profiles for display on your website
  • ...and so much more

"I am confident that you will find MarketWurks saves you time, money and a whole lot of paper work, while allowing you to manage your vendors, market dates and so much more."
-Chris Quinlan

Get In Touch

Thank you for checking out MarketWurks. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly. -Chris Quinlan

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