Our Partners

Marketwurks partners with Farm2Facts to help Farmers' Markets maximize the potential from their data collection.

Marketwurks is incredibly pleased, actually we are over the moon excited, to be able to work with Dr. Alfonso Morales and Lauren Suerth, MS,  PhD Candidate at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and share the work they have done with Farmers’ Market Data Collection and Reporting. Their program, Farm2Facts, provides Farmers’ Markets with the online tools, criteria and processes to measure the impact their markets have through customizable reports across multiple sectors. Good data leads to good decisions. As it says on their website, "By using Farm2Facts you develop specific knowledge about your market that enhances your internal decision-making and external communication activities with partners, sponsors, and the public.” This rings true to us as a "data management" company, but it also speaks to our roots in Farmers’ Market management, where we have often struggled to find a cost effective way to communicate the tangible benefits of Farmers’ Markets. 
We heartily encourage you to visit their website,  https://farm2facts.org  and explore how MIFI can provide you with the tools to quantify the impact of your market and provide the measurement you need to make better market management decisions. 


Chris Quinlan
CEO and Founder